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The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs carries out research and disseminates findings on global power relations, security policy, development issues, international economics and Norwegian foreign policy.

NUPI co-organized a symposium entitled “Assessing Iranian Nuclear Negotiation Strategy” on October 23-24 at CSIS in Washington DC, which hosted leading experts on Iran and its nuclear program who discussed Iranian strategy and state decision-making.


In this seminar Roman Vakulchuk from NUPI, senior research fellow who is specializing in emerging markets, will first present the concept of innovative state capitalism currently evolving in China, Brazil, India and other emerging markets. Secondly, he will present his recently published book that introduces an in-depth case study of innovative state capitalism in Kazakhstan.

Full-day-seminar with presentations from Polish and Norwegian researchers.

The Role of the Police in the African Union Mission in Somalia

China’s Emerging Arctic Strategies: Economics and Institutions

This project seeks to contribute to ongoing process of mainstreaming the Protection of Civilians into the African Peace and Security Architecture.

Siktemålet med seminaret er at unge politiske ledere og forskere skal kunne stifte bekjentskap med Vest-Balkan og knytte nye kontakter i regionen. Balkanseminaret arrangeres annet hvert år av NUPI i samarbeid med Telenor og med praktisk støtte fra Utenriksdepartementet.