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The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs carries out research and disseminates findings on global power relations, security policy, development issues, international economics and Norwegian foreign policy.

28. August 2014

ISIL må bekjempes. Men hvordan? Og hvor kommer egentlig kraften og brutaliteten til bevegelsen fra?


In this seminar, Professor Pain will talk about the impact of Russia’s imperial legacy on the development of Russian nationalism as well as what political perspectives Russian nationalism have today.

In this theory seminar, Morten Jerven will present findings from his book “Poor Numbers: How We are Misled by African Development Statistics and What to Do About it”.

The BRICS and Coexistence

This project is a pilot and preparatory study to an upcoming 3-4 year research project on dominating conceptualisations of the right to self-determination and implications of international state building in Kosovo. The pilot will also look into one central part of Kosovo’s international state building project – privatisation – and include interviews with a few relevant actors, observers and experts.

The project addresses how protection as mandated by the UNSC through its resolutions is translated into protecting women and children in refugee camps in Chad in the context of the MINURCAT operation.