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The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs carries out research and disseminates findings on global power relations, security policy, development issues, international economics and Norwegian foreign policy.

Levite finds that if the parties’ opening positions are used as benchmarks, the parameters of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) favor Iran.


In this seminar, three short presentations, based on recently published policy papers at NUPI, will examine the RFE-East Asia relationship from different perspectives, and will also explore the question of how East Asian economies can participate in the future development of the RFE.

In this seminar Morten Bøås and Francesco Strazzari will present findings from a project that has focused on the Sahel as a complex landscape of conflict, collusion and collaboration.

Cyber Security Capacity Building in Developing Countries:Challenge and Opportunities

BRICS, Energy and the New World Order: A study by NUPI for the ONS (Offshore Northern Seas) Summit August 2012, Stavanger.

In this study, we examine whether global inequality has increased or decreased during the period from the 1960s until 1998.