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Department of Russian and Eurasian Studies


The activities of NUPI’s Department of Russian and Eurasian Studies can be divided into four core areas:

  • Russian security and foreign policy – including Russian hegemonic ambitions in the post-Soviet area, together with Russia’s relation to EU and NATO. Studies of bilateral relations between Russia and Norway have been important as well.
  • Within the field of regime studies, the focus has been on various aspects of the Russian political system, policy models, and institutional development and institution building.
  • The third focal area involves research on the development of centre–periphery relations within the Russian Federation. Today this is an important field of study: in addition to the obvious need for expertise on conflict areas like Chechnya, for the first time the regions, and thereby centre–periphery relations, have emerged as a power factor in the Russian context.
  • The Department of Russian an Eurasian Studies has also focused on the Russian Nordic Areas in general and the Norwegian neighbouring territory in particular, as well as on various aid-related projects. Research in the department includes all the post-Soviet areas except the Baltic countries.

Current research [More]

Coming into the Cold: Asia’s Arctic interests 2013

This project will examine the increasing Arctic interests of four key Asian states (China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea) and illustrate how Arctic states (US, Norway, Russia) are meeting this growing interest. The aim is to analyze the consequences the increased involvement of Asian states may have for Arctic governance and geopolitics. More

Dialogue and learning across the North Caucasian/Russian divide 2012-2015

The project creates an arena for dialogue and cooperation between MA and PhD students from the Northern Caucasus and Russia. More

Afghanistan’s Central Asian neighbours: Spoilers or catalysts of regional stability? 2012


Completed projects [More]

The Shifting Geopolitics of the Black Sea Region: Actors, Drivers and Challenges 2010-2011

The Black Sea Region stands out as a region where realpolitik once more has come to the fore. This project maps drivers that currently affect the shifting geopolitics of the Black Sea region. More

Competence building and research support for the Chechen State University 2007-2010

The project is a cooperation project between the Chechen State University in Grozny and NUPI. More

Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) and implications for post-conflict economic recovery 2007-2010

The project is about disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration (so-called DDR processes) and the pursuit of these aims when societies go from war to peace. More

Publications [Vis flere]