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Helge Blakkisrud


Helge Blakkisrud [Research fellow]

Helge  Blakkisrud
+( 47) 22 99 40 15
+ (47) 909 80 284
Post address:
Pb 8159 Dep, 0033 Oslo
Visiting address:
C.J. Hambros plass 2 D

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Attended the 10th anniversary conference of the Valdai Discussion Club "Russia's Diversity for the Modern World", Valdai, Russia.
Presented the paper 'Modernizing the administrative structure' at the Nordic Russian and East European Studies Conference 'Intensions, Interactions and Paradoxes in Post-Socialist Space', Helsinki.
Lecture at the Norwegian University Centre in St Petersburg: “Reform av regional makt: Erfaringer med gjeninnføringen av folkevalgte guvernører 2012”
Participating at the ASN World Convention, Columbia University, New York, presenting the paper “Modernizing the Vertical: The reintroduction of gubernatorial elections in the Russian Federation”
Teaching module on “Nation, state and nationalism” at the OSCE Academy, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Current research

Working on projects on non-recognized states in the Post Sovjet area and with the PhD project on the development of Russian federalism in the period 1991–2008. Also working on the project ModNorth.

Formal education
[1996- ]
PhD-programme (Political Science), University of Oslo
Cand.Polit. (Political Science) from University of Oslo. Dissertation: De russiske minoritetene i Estland og Latvia. Minoriteters responsstrategier ved endrede rammebetingelser

Professional experience
OSCE Election Observer (various elections in Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Research fellow/head of department
[1994- ]
Editor in Chief, Nordisk Østforum (Nordic Journal of East European and Post-Soviet Studies
Member of the CSSE Mission in Latvia. Leader of the Mission's mobile team


Publications [vis kronologisk]

Articles (in books and journals)
  • Wilson Rowe, Elana , Helge Blakkisrud (2014). A New Kind of Arctic Power? Russia's Policy Discourses and Diplomatic Practices in the Circumpolar North,

    in Geopolitics

    .Oxon, UK,Taylor and Francis Online, Routledge.p. 1-20. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge , Pål Kolstø (2013). Yielding to the sons of the soil: Abkhazian democracy and the marginalization of the Armenian vote,

    in Ethnic and Racial Studies 36 (12)

    .Oxon, UK,Routledge, Taylor and Francis Online.p. 2075-2095.The authors discuss four alternative theories of ethnic marginalization to explain why the Armenians, the largest minority community in Abkhazia, have abstained from translating numerical strength into political influence. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge , Pål Kolstø (2012). Die Gesellschaft der PMR,

    in Klaus Bochmann, Vasile Dumbrava, Dietmar Müller & Victoria Reinhardt (eds.) Die Republik Moldova: Ein Handbuch.

    .Leipzig,Leipziger Univärsitetsverlag.p. 571-582.The republic of Moldova is getting more visible in European politics and economy. This book chapter provides an overview over Moldovan civil society actors and the media landscape.The authors compare social life in Transnistria with that of the rest of Moldova. This article examines the politics and social development in the breakaway republic of Transnistria from 1991 until today. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge , Pål Kolstø (2012). De facto states and democracy: The case of Nagorno-Karabakh,

    in Communist and Post-Communist Studies Volume 45, Issues 1–2, March–June 2012

    .Elsevier.p. 141–151.De facto states are often dismissed as ‘failing states’. However, in Freedom House rankings of political rights and civil liberties, they sometimes perform better than their parent states – as has been the case with Nagorno-Karabakh. This article examines the development of democracy in Nagorno-Karabakh against a checklist of factors assumed to be relevant: cultural homogeneity, size, existential threats, role of the diaspora, and the consequences of continued non-recognition. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge , Pål Kolstø (2012). Dynamics of de facto statehood,

    in Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, 12:2.

    .Routledge.p. 281-298.The South Caucasian de facto states – Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Nagorno-Karabakh – have existed for almost 20 years now. This article offers a comparative analysis of how these statelets have attempted to consolidate statehood though processes of state- and nation-building. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge (2011). Medvedev's New Governors,

     in Cameron Ross (ed.): Russian regional politics under Putin and Medvedev

    .London,Routledge.p. 7-36.Drawing a collective portrait of gubernatorial appointees, the article discusses the transformation of the gubernatorial corps during Medvedev's two first years as president. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge (2011). En usikker historie. ,

    i Nordisk Østforum, Volum 25(4). NUPI. 

    .Oslo,Universitetsforlaget.p. 317-319 . [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge , Pål Kolstø (2011). From Secessionist Conflict Toward a Functioning State: Processes of State- and Nation-Building in Transnistria,

    in Post Soviet Affairs, vol. 27, no. 2

    .Bellwether.p. 178-210.How have the Transnistrian authorities sought to consolidate de facto statehood in the absence of international recognition? Starting from the idea that the time factor will eventually transform secessionists into state-builders, this article traces how the processes of state- and nation-building promoted by the Transnistrian de facto authorities have evolved since the early 1990s. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge (2011). Medvedev's New Governors,

    in Europe-Asia Studies 63:3 2011

    .Routledge.p. 367-395.Drawing a collective portrait of gubernatorial appointees, the article discusses the transformation of the gubernatorial corps during Medvedev's two first years as president. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge , Pål Kolstø (2011). 'Separatism is the Mother of Terrorism'. Internationalizing the Security Discourse on Unrecognized States,

     in Nina Casperesen & Gareth Stansfield (eds.), Unrecognized States in the International System 


    . London,Routledge.p. 110-127.New article by Helge Blakkisrud and Pål Kolstø in the book: Unrecognized States in the International System. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge (2011). Nye veier for det russiske sivilsamfunnet?,

    i Nordisk Østforum , Volum 25(1). NUPI 

    .Oslo,Universitetsforlaget.p. 3-5. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge , Shahnoza Nozimova (2010). History writing and nation building in post-independence Tajikistan,

    Nationalities Papers , vol. 38, no. 2

    .Routledge.p. 173 -189.In this article, the authors examine the set of history textbooks currently used in Tajik schools and compare them with Soviet textbooks, exploring continuities and changes in the understanding of the Tajik nation. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge (2009). Et Russland i endring,

    i Øyvind Østerud, Helge Pharo og Even Lange (red.), Vendepunkter i norsk utenrikspolitikk. Nye internasjonale vilkår etter den kalde krigen

    .Oslo,Unipub.p. 209-258. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge , Aalto, Pami, Smith, Hanna (2008). Introduction,

    In Blakkisrud, Helge, Pami Aalto and Hanna Smith [eds]. The new Northern dimension of the European neighbourhood .

    .Brussels,Centre for European Studies.p. 1-8. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge , Pami Aalto, Hanna Smith (2008). Policy recommendations for northern cooperation,

    Blakkisrud, Helge , Pami Aalto, Hanna Smith [eds.] The New Northern Dimension of the European Neighbourhood

    .Brussels, Centre for European Policy Studies.p. 220-234.Policy recommendations with regard to northern regional cooperation. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge , Pål Kolstø (2008). Living with Non-recognition: State- and Nation-building in South Caucasian Quasi-states,

    Europe-Asia Studies, vol. 60, no. 3

    .London,Routledge.p. 483-509.The dissolution of the Soviet Union led to the establishment of several non-recognised statelets, three of which—Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Nagorno-Karabakh—are located in the South Caucasus. This article sets aside the question of whether these quasi-states ought to be internationally recognised, and focuses on whether they exist as functioning state entities. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge (2006). En guide til den fjerneste av våre nærmeste naboer,

    Forord til Katerina Smetanina, Russland og russere. En guide til vårt nabofolk i øst.

    .Oslo,Orion.p. . [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge , Geir Hønnesland (2005). The Burden and Blessing of Space,

    in Helge Blakkisrud and Geir Hønneland, ed., Tackling Space. Federal Politics and the Russian North

    .Lanham,University Press of America.p. 193-203. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge , Indra Overland (2005). The Evolution of Federal Indigenous Policy in the Post-Soviet North,

    in Helge Blakkisrud and Geir Hønneland, ed., T ackling Space. Federal Politics and the Russian North . Lanham, University Press of America .

    .Lanham,University Press of America.p. 163-192. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge , Geir Hønnesland (2005). The Russian North - an Introduction,

    in Helge Blakkisrud and Geir Hønneland, eds., Tackling Space. Federal Politics and the Russian North

    .Lanham,University Press of America.p. 1-24. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge , Geir Hønneland (2005). What's to be done with the North?,

    in Helge Blakkisrud and Geir Hønneland, eds., Tackling Space. Federal Politics and the Russian North

    .Lanham,University Press of America.p. 25-51. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge (2004). Russian Regionalism Redefined?,

    i Kolstø, Pål og Helge Blakkisrud, red: Nation-building and common values in Russia

    .Lanham,Rowman & Littlefield.p. 239-343. [url]
  • Blakkisrud, Helge (2004). Russland,

    i Store Norske Årbok 2004

    .Oslo,Kunnskapsforlaget.p. 340-343. [url]

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