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Julie Wilhelmsen


Julie Wilhelmsen [Senior Research Fellow ]

Julie  Wilhelmsen
(+47) 481 74 328
Post address:
Pb 8159 Dep, 0033 Oslo
Visiting address:
C.J. Hambros plass 2 D


Current research

Finalised the work on her PhD thesis with the title: 'When Gobal Conflict fuels local War'. The thesis focuses on the Tsjetsjenia conflict, hostility and safety seen in connection with the war against terror. The defence will take place in March 2014. Coordinates the project Dialogue and learning across the North Caucasian/Russian divide

Formal education
Cand.Polit. (Political Science), University of Oslo

Professional experience
[2003- ]
Researcher, Centre for Russian Studies, NUPI
[2001-2003 ]
Researcher and Project manager, Norwegian Defence Reseach Establishment
[1999-2001 ]
Higher executive officer, Norwegian Directorate of Immigration


Publications [vis kronologisk]

Articles (in books and journals)
  • Haugevik, Kristin M., Julie Wilhelmsen (2012). Leder Internasjonal Politikk,

    i Internasjonal Politikk 02/2012

    .Oslo,Universitetsforlaget.p. 155-157.I denne tidsskriftlederen ser redaktørene på faglig fortetting og utvidede studieobjekter innen faget internasjonal politikk, med et særlig fokus på global helse som felt. [url]
  • Haugevik, Kristin M., Julie Wilhelmsen (2012). Leder,

    i Internasjonal Politikk Volum (70) 1. 

    .Oslo,Universitetsforlaget.p. 3-5. [url]
  • Wilhelmsen, Julie , Geir Flikke (2011). Russian-Chinese Convergence and Central Asia,

    in Journal of Geopolitics no. 4, vol. 16

    .Routledge.p. 865-901.The article argues that since the mid-1990s, China's and Russia's strategic outlooks have gradually been converging. The two great powers have incrementally shed their mutual apprehensions and started a comprehensive and multifaceted cooperation in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). In this sense, they have initiated a new geopolitical script around Central Asia. As their mutual interests hold sway over US influence regionally, questions remain on whether specific interests are compatible, or harbour new rivalries. [url]
  • Wilhelmsen, Julie (2009). Islamism in Azerbaijan: How Potent?,

    in Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, vol. 32, no. 8

    .London,Routledge .p. 726-743.The article maps out independent Shi'a and Sunni activism and regime response in Azerbaijan. By assessing the dynamics between these two factors, the article draws conclusions on the potential for politicization and radicalization of Islam in Azerbaijan. [url]
  • Wilhelmsen, Julie , Geir Flikke (2005). Evidence of Russia's Bush Doctrine in the CIS,

    in European Security, vol. 14, no. 3

    .London,Routledge.p. 387-417 .The article discusses the emergence of a Russian version of the Bush doctrine in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Russian officials' conceptual stretching of the strategic culture embodied in the National Security Concept (NSC) and the Military Doctrine (MD) from 2000 onwards. [url]
  • Wilhelmsen, Julie (2005). Grove menneskerettighetsbrudd i Tsjetsjenia – en snublestein for Europarådet?,

    i Nordisk Østforum, vol. 19, nr. 2

    .Oslo,NUPI.p. 151-170.Artikkelen ser på Russlands menneskerettslige rulleblad i Tsjetsjenia [1999-2004] og analyserer Europarådets tilnærming til menneskerettighetsbruddene over tid, Russlands respons og hvilke resultater man har oppnådd som følge av samhandlingen mellom de to. [url]
  • Wilhelmsen, Julie (2005). Between a Rock and a Hard Place – The Islamisation of the Chechen Seperatist Movement,

    in Europe-Asia Studies, vol. 57, no. 1

    . London,Routledge.p. 35-59. [url]
  • Wilhelmsen, Julie (2004). Tsjetsjenske separatister – mellom barken og veden,

    i Internasjonal politikk, vol.62, no. 2

    .Oslo,NUPI.p. 153-176.Artikkelen tar sikte på å besvare to ulike, men likevel nært relaterte spørsmål. 1) Hvordan har radikal islam fått fotfeste i den tsjetsjenske separatistbevegelsen? 2) Hvorfor taper de moderate aktørene i separatistbevegelsen terreng i forhold til de radikale? [url]

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