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Jakub M. Godzimirski


Jakub M. Godzimirski [Research Professor]

Jakub M. Godzimirski
(+47) 22 99 40 19
+(47) 984 90 717
Post address:
Pb 8159 Dep, 0033 Oslo
Visiting address:
C.J. Hambros plass 2 D

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Made the presentation "What Are Russia's Energy Interests in the Barents Sea?" at the JazzGass seminar 2013.

Current research

Currently involved in the following projects:

- The Energy Complex
- Framework and Conditions for the Northern Petroleum Sector 
- Russian Aluminium 


Formal education
Ph.D. Polish Academy of Science and Letters
MA social antropology at Warsaw University

Professional experience
Senior research fellow at NUPI
Senior analyst at The Ministry of Defence, Poland
Research fellow at the Institute of Arts, The Polish Academy of Science and Letters


Publications [vis kronologisk]

Articles (in books and journals)
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2014). The Norwegian Energy Security Debate,

    In Moe, Espen and Paul Midford (eds), Common Challenges, National Responses: The Political Economy of Renewable Energy and Energy Security in Japan, China and Northern Europe.

    .Palgrave Macmillan.p. 116-136. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2014). Russia's external energy strategy,

    in Susanne Oxenstierna, Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen (ed.) Russian Energy and Security up to 2030

    .London/New York,Routledge Taylor and Francis Group.p. 213-231.This book chapter presents the key challenges and opportunities that Russian external energy policy will have to deal with in the period between 2012 and 2030 as viewed in a series of future energy scenarios published over the last decade. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2013). Introduction: Understanding Russian Energy after the Crisis,

    in Jakub M. Godzimirski (ed) Russian Energy in a Changing World

    .Farnham/Burlington,Ashgate Publishing Limited.p. 1-12.Introduction to the book Russian Energy in a Changing World. What is the Outlook for the Hydrocarbons Superpower? [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M., (2013). Actors, Ideas and Actions,

    in Jakub M. Godzimirski (ed) Russian Energy in a Changing World

    .Farnham/Burlington,Ashgate Publishing Limited.p. 13-34.Chapter 1 in Jakub M. Godzimirski (ed) Russian Energy in a Changing World. This chapter presents the key actors, ideas ans actions shaping the Russian energy sector in recent years. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2013). Russian Energy: Summing up and Looking Ahead,

    in Jakub M. Godzimirski (ed) Russian Energy in a Changing World

    .Farnham/Burlington,Ashgate Publishing Limited.p. 177-195.Chapter 9 in Jakub M. Godzimirski (ed) Russian Energy in a Changing World is a summing up of the main findings of the contributors of the book. [url]
  • Overland, Indra , Jakub M. Godzimirski, Lars Petter Lunden, Daniel Fjærtoft (2013). Rosneft's offshore partnerships: the re-opening of the Russian petroleum frontier?,

    in Polar Record 49 (2)

    .Cambridge University Press.p. 140-153.This article analyses and compares the contents and contexts of major cooperation agreements between the Russian and state owned Rosneft and international companies. The goal is to ascertain what the agreements have to tell about access for international companies to Russia's offshore petroleum resources and the influence of competing Russian political actors over the country's petroleum sector. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2012). Strategie energetyczne Rosji i Norwegii: podobieństwa i różnice (Energy strategies of Russia and Norway: similarities and differences),


    Polish Diplomatic Review 66 (4)

    .Warszawa,Polish Institute of International Affairs.p. 43-70.The article presents and compares Norwegian and Russian energy strategies. Energy strategy is here understood as practical implementation of national energy policies in European and international context. The focus of the article is on differences and similarities in the two countries’ approaches and way they have been coping with recent political and market related challenges to their dominant position on the European energy market. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M., Demakova, Ekaterina (2012). Russian External Energy Strategy,

    In  Caroline Kuzemko, Andreas Goldthau, Andrei Belyi, Michael Keating (eds) Dynamics of Energy Governance in Europe and Russia

    .London, New York,Palgrave Macmillan.p. 149–168.In this article, Demakova and Godzimirski discuss opportunities and constraints in Russian external energy strategy. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2011). Diasporaer og norsk utenrikspolitikk ,

    i Internasjonal Politikk 04/2011

    .Oslo,Universitetsforlaget.p. 579-606.Artikkelen tar for seg forholdet mellom diasporaer og utenrikspolitikk generelt, og drøfter temaet i en norsk kontekst. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2011). Polsk diaspora og norsk utenrikspolitikk,

    i Internasjonal Politikk 04/2011

    .Oslo,Universitetsforlaget.p. 617-640.Artikkelen ser på hvorfor og hvordan den raske framveksten av polsk diaspora i Norge de seneste årene har funnet sted, og hvilke følger dette kan få for norsk utenrikspolitikk. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2011). Nord Stream: Globalization in the Pipeline,

    in Elana Wilson Rowe and Julie Wilhelmsen (eds) Russia’s Encounter with Globalization

    .New York,Palgrave Macmillan.p. 159-184.The main goal of the chapter was to shed light on how realization of Russia’s strategic plans in the area of energy has become dependent on decisions made by other actors. This chapter addresses therefore the question of interdependence and its role in energy policy in Europe by looking at the way Russia had to take into consideration international concerns when realizing its strategic energy project, the construction of the Nord Stream pipeline. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2011). Russlands eksterne energistrategi: utfordringer og muligheter,

    i Nordisk Østforum, vol. 25, nr. 2

    .Oslo,Universitetsforlaget.Artikkelen tar for seg Russlands energistrategi etter krisen i 2008. Fokuset er på landets eksterne energistrategi generelt og på forholdet i energisektoren mellom Russland og EU og Tyskland spesielt. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2011). Russie-Scandinavie: les liaisons dangereuses?,

    in Outre-Terre  (27).  NUPI 57-74.In this article Jakub Godzimirski discusses the relationship between Russia and Scandinavia in terms of Russian energy strategy [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2010). Norway, NATO and the USA Norway - strategic challenges,

    in du Castel Viviane, Le Grand Nord: Un Nouvel Enjeu Très Courtisé, L'exemple de la mer de Barents, Norvège,

    .Paris,L' Harmattan.p. 177-185. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2009). Energy Security and the Politics of Identity,

    in Gunnar Fermann (ed.) Political Economy of Energy in Europe: Forces of Fragmentation and Integration

    .Berlin,Berliner Wissenschafts Verlag.p. 173-206.The main goal of this chapter is to explore what is the impact of identity on the ongoing European debate on energy security. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2009). Norwegian Energy Policy and the Baltic Sea Region: Sense and Sensibility,

    in Spruds, Andris and Toms Rostoks [eds], Energy. Pulling the Baltic Sea Region Together or Apart

    .Riga,Latvian Institute of International Affairs.p. 64-94.This study presents the main lines in Norwegian energy policy and then considers how this policy may impact on energy cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. [Full-text version] [url]
  • Friis , Karsten , Jakub M. Godzimirski (2009). Hva skjer med OSSE? ,

    i Rieker, Pernille og Walter Emanuel Carlsnæs [red.] Nye utfordringer for europeisk sikkerhetspolitikk. Aktører, instrumenter og operasjoner

    . Oslo, Universitetsforlaget.p. 51-62.Forfatterne ser nærmere på OSSEs evolusjon gjennom årene og på dens aktuelle rolle i europeisk sikkerhetspolitikk. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2009). The Northern Dimension of the Russian Gas Strategy,

    In Russian Analytical Digest, no 58, April 2009

    .p. 2-4. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2008). Russia's energy strategy and prospects for a Northern Dimension energy partnership,

    Blakkisrud, Helge , Pami Aalto, Hanna Smith [eds.] The New Northern Dimension of the European Neighbourhood

    .Brussels, Centre for European Policy Studies.p. 145-163.This chapter explores Russi's energy strategy and the impact of its implementation on energy sector cooperation in Northern Europe. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2008). Russia and the OSCE: From High Expectations to Denial?,

    in Wilson Rowe, Elana and Stina Torjesen [eds.] The Multilateral Dimension in Russian Foreign Policy

    .Abingdon,Routledge.p. 121-141. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2008). Putin and post-Soviet identity: Building Blocs and Buzz Words,

    in Problems of Post-Communism, vol. 55, no. 5

    .New York, M. E. Sharpe.p. 14-26.Putin carefully constructed an official identity from key elements of Russia's history, including Soviet-era elements that would resonate with the Russian population. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2007). Pipelines and Identities. Current European Debate on Energy Security, Shtokman and NEGP Case,

    in Greg Austin and Mrie-Ange Schellekens-Gaiffe, eds., Energy and Conflict Prevention

    .Hedemora,Gidlunds förlag.p. 154-180. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2006). How to Read Readings of the NEGP?,

    Baltic Mosaic, Special Issue on Northern European Gas Pipeline, no. 1

    .p. 34-46. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2006). High Politics and Daily Life or How to Survive in a Changing Russia–EU Neighbourhood?,

    in Models for Cross-border Co-operation - focus on the Pskov Region (Russia)

    .Helsingfors,STETE. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2005). Fattige slektninger og nyttige allierte.,

    in John K. Skogan, ed., Hva når USA og Europa?

    .Oslo,Gyldendal Akademisk.p. 81-95. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M. (2005). Russia and NATO,

    in Jakob Hedensk, Vilhelm Konnander, Bertil Nygren, Ingmar Oldberg and Christer Puriainen, eds., Russia as a Great Power. Dimensions of Security under Putin

    .London,Routledge.p. 57-80. [url]
  • Godzimirski, Jakub M., P. Baev, B. Nygren, Y. Fyodorov, I. Kobrinskaya, V. Dvorkin, V. Esin, S. Webber, A. Zilberman, G. Brunius (2004). Russian Military on the Eve of the Reform: Ten Images that shaped the Myth, .Stocholm,Swedish Defence College.p. 11-35. [url]

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