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Forum for Development Studies 2007 1


Forum for Development Studies [1-07]

Single copies: 140 NOK | 216 pages | Order

Forum for Development Studies  2007 1

The main focus of this issue of Forum for Development Studies (FDS 1-07 June) is on ethics and development. The first article takes on the ambitious task of analysing the relationships between four international “human” discourses, namely those of human rights, human needs, human development and human security. Under which conditions and by which modalities may the various ethical discourses influence development policies, the author asks. An ethical discourse that remains disembodied, free-floating and not built and embedded into legal frameworks and planning methodologies, may not have much effect in development policy, less than does religious discourse, it is argued.


Other articles cover broad fields, from social movements and the new regimes in Latin America, a continent in political transition, to woodfuel discourses and the reframing of wood energy in the new millennium. In the Debates column, development research as advocacy is discussed, with a focus on the role of Christian organisations within the Norwegian (and international) development and aid system.




  • Introduction
    (Olav Stokke)
  • Human Rights, Human Needs, Human Development, Human Security. Relationships between Four International ‘Human’ Discourses
    (Des Gasper)
  • Ethical Dimensions of Vulnerability and Struggles for Social Inclusion
    (Sturla J. Stålsett)
  • Social Movements and the New Regimes in Latin America: Towards Political Inclusion or Increased Fragmentation?
    (Benedicte Bull)
  • The Politics of Decentralisation in Mali: The Democratic Potential of Decentralization
    (Øivind Hetland)
  • Woodfuel Discourses and the Re-framing of Wood Energy in the New Millennium
    (Reginald Cline-Cole)


  • Development Research as Advocacy: A Response to Terje Tvedt
    (Hans Morten Haugen)


  • The Other Canon against Dishwashing Economics
    (Kristen Nordhaug)
>> Editor's preface

>> Press release [23.12.06]

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