Quintet Out of Tune? China’s Bilateral Relations with the Nordic States

Book title: China and Nordic Diplomacy

Publisert: 13. okt. 2017

As the rise of China has effected the global landscape, so it has effected the five Nordic countries. The Nordics relationships with China are likely to become increasingly consequential for the region, directly and indirectly. How best to relate to such an important international trend is being debated in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden alike. In spite of sharing a range of fundamental similarities, the Nordic countries have often taken disparate paths in matters of foreign policy. China’s ascendancy does, however, raise issues in the fault-lines between economic and political interests and values have challenged key tenets of Nordic foreign policy thinking. This book aims to stimulate conversation within and between the Nordic countries on this core global issue, as it highlights both the differences and the similarities of the debates that for too long have been running in parallel tracks in the Nordics. In this introductory chapter, the rationale for the book will be expanded upon, and the chapters of this intra-Nordic scholarly cooperation will be presented.